Friday, October 29, 2004

Trick Or Treat: This Year I'm Dressing Up As A Free iPod & The Headless Horseman's Identity Revealed

I enjoyed writing this story. I hope it all fits together well.

It's a combination of stories that have been building in this BLOG.

A couple of notes:

More research is being done on the FreeSlide free iPod story - FixYourThinking will bring you updates at a later date. [I have to wait for my attorney general to complete an investigation]

I have been in contact with Savvis/Exodus - FreeSlide's internet service provider - the technical service department head said they have over 20,000 complaints on file about the company.

In an interview with fellow tenants in the same building as Freeslide, they realize their neighbor is a "despised cohabitor"

I have been wanting to do a story on the loathsome John C. Dvorak for a while. I would like to start a petiton for PC magazine to fire him. He is idiotic and nonsensical in just about everything he does.

I hope you all know what Mad Libs are - they were stories with blanks - you had to fill in adjectives, nouns, and verbs in certain places.

Here is a capture of the video from the Drudge Report of Kerry pulling something out his jacket during the 1st debate. To see the video - click on the picture:

I had a stupid cheap idea for a costume ... to go as "The Internet" - print maybe 100 sites on paper and laminate them - then attach them all together into a costume.

eBay, Google, Apple, MacSurfer, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon, Slashdot, and of Course FixYourThinking to name a few would be great websites to use.

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