Sunday, October 31, 2004

Your vote counts ...

Best place to keep up with election results:

Nader is a cartoon - no submissions necessary.

• In the 1829 election for the U.S. House of Representatives in Kentucky's 2nd District, Jackson Democrat Nicholas Coleman defeated National Republican Adam Beatty 2,520 to 2,519.

• In the 1847 election for the U.S. House of Representatives in Indiana's 6th District, Whig candidate George G. Dunn defeated Democratic candidate David M. Dobson 7,455 to 7,454. Also in 1847, Whig Thomas S.Flournoy defeated a Democratic candidate named Treadway 650 to 649 in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 3rd District of Virginia.

• In the 1854 election for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th District of Illinois, Democratic candidate James C. Allen bested Republican William B. Archer 8,452 to 8,451.

• In the 1882 election for U.S. House of Representatives in the 1st District of Virginia, Readjuster Robert M. Mayo defeated Democrat George T. Garrison 10,505 to 10,504.


• In 1977, Vermont State Representative Sydney Nixon was seated as an apparent one vote winner, 570 to 569. Mr. Nixon resigned when the State House determined , after a recount, that he had lost to Robert Emond, 572 to 571.

• In 1989, a Lansing, Michigan School District millage proposition failed when the final recount produced a tie vote, 5,147 for, and 5,147 against. On the original vote count, votes against the proposition were ten more than those in favor. The result meant that the school district had to reduce its budget by $2.5 million.

• In 1994, Republican Randall Luthi and Independent Larry Call tied for the seat in the Wyoming House of Representatives from the Jackson Hole area, with 1,941 votes each. A recount produced the same result. Mr. Luthi was finally declared the winner when, in a drawing before the State Canvassing Board, a PingPong ball bearing his name was pulled from the cowboy hat of Democratic Governor Mike Sullivan.

• In 1997, South Dakota Democrat John McIntyre led Republican Hal Wick 4,195 - 4,191 for the second seat in Legislative District 12 on election night. A subsequent recount showed Wick the winner at 4192 - 4,191. The State Supreme Court, however, ruled that one ballot counted for Wick was invalid due to an overvote. This left the race a tie. After hearing arguments from both sides, the State Legislature voted to seat Wick 46-20.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Trick Or Treat: This Year I'm Dressing Up As A Free iPod & The Headless Horseman's Identity Revealed

I enjoyed writing this story. I hope it all fits together well.

It's a combination of stories that have been building in this BLOG.

A couple of notes:

More research is being done on the FreeSlide free iPod story - FixYourThinking will bring you updates at a later date. [I have to wait for my attorney general to complete an investigation]

I have been in contact with Savvis/Exodus - FreeSlide's internet service provider - the technical service department head said they have over 20,000 complaints on file about the company.

In an interview with fellow tenants in the same building as Freeslide, they realize their neighbor is a "despised cohabitor"

I have been wanting to do a story on the loathsome John C. Dvorak for a while. I would like to start a petiton for PC magazine to fire him. He is idiotic and nonsensical in just about everything he does.

I hope you all know what Mad Libs are - they were stories with blanks - you had to fill in adjectives, nouns, and verbs in certain places.

Here is a capture of the video from the Drudge Report of Kerry pulling something out his jacket during the 1st debate. To see the video - click on the picture:

I had a stupid cheap idea for a costume ... to go as "The Internet" - print maybe 100 sites on paper and laminate them - then attach them all together into a costume.

eBay, Google, Apple, MacSurfer, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon, Slashdot, and of Course FixYourThinking to name a few would be great websites to use.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Why The Cherry Or The Pear May Be Apple's Next Lemon

One of the most helpful resources for this story was the slashdot article: Cherry OS Claims Mac OS X Capability For x86

I also used Google to research the company owner, the company MXS, and several other keywords.

I conducted an email interview a few months back, with the President of FWB. FWB leased the code for Softwindows from Insignia solutions.

The statements made about Connectix are purely speculation, but are rooted in patterned venture capital strategy.

The real beef to this article is that it is just not physically or technically possible to deliver on the claims that Cherry OS makes:

• Full hardware and port support
• 80% of the Pentium mhz = the speed of the G4 emulated / Example: 1Ghz Pentium = an 800Mhz G4

This also may promote fraud as many might take the OS from an eMac box rather than actually purchase the Mac OS. Worse yet, there may be a greater demand for illegally downloading the Mac OS from peer to peer services.

If this becomes more prevalent and actually starts working or delivering anywhere close the claims of Cherry OS; this could be a big support problem for Apple and Apple Consultants everywhere.

Friday, October 08, 2004

First flag claims the bounty ...

Apple was first to lay claim to a successful online music store.

Apple was also first to develop a "good enough" protection system for the recording industry to be satisfied and allow online music stores.

There is a noticeable audio quality difference amongst the competing formats... WMA being inferior to Apple's AAC.

This article points out that Apple is the cause of a major standards problem amongst the digital music downloads right now.

No, Apple has 70%+ of ALL legal music downloads. They have 40% of worldwide music player sales. They were first. Others should standardize on Apple's format and if they can't [because Apple may not let them] - they need to come up with a different type of copy protection system.

Making a protected file is NOT the only way to secure a file.