Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Big Mac Not Compatible With The Mac

I find it very ironic how McDonald's latest promotion in conjunction with the Sony Connect Music is being promoted. Each Big Mac you buy has a code for the Sony Connect Music Store (similar to iTunes Music Store). Here's the catch, the Sony Connect Music Store isn't compatible with the Mac! The songs are encoded in a special (read as inferior and proprietary) ATRAC format that cannot be read on the Mac.

McDonald's is losing out on a lot of potential and a lot of cross promotion with Apple. But, in a way, Apple shot itself in the foot by going with pepsi for a promotion any way. It was not handled very well. Pepsi doesn't have the proper US distribution channel (at least in comparison to Coca Cola) Since McDonald's is a Coke exclusive fast food chain, I'm sure Coke had a lot to do with the consultation on NOT going with iTunes.

Proof Apple should have gone with Coca Cola for the iTunes Song Give Away

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