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Your Rights, The Law, & Litigation

* UPDATED March 13 2008

This section of FIX YOUR THINKING provides references to laws, legal issues, and your rights. Status of many of Apple Computer's legal proceedings can be found in each 10k filing - an annual report on the company's financials. See the 2005, 2006, and 2007 10k reports [ legal issues ] at the bottom of the section below.

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July 15 1992: Apple Sues Microsoft Over Windows/Provides ammo for Lindows

August 9 1999: Apple Sues eMachines for iMac knockoff

August 2 2000: Apple Sues "Anonymous Sources" of Rumor Websites

Jan 24 2000: Apple Wins Battle Over ColorSync Technology

Jan 31 2002: Apple sued over OSX support for early G3s

May 1 2003: Umax Settles Concerning Scanner Support/Rebates For Macs

Sept 11 2003: Apple Sued By The Beatles Over iTunes Music Store

Jan 1 2004: CNN: Apple Faces Potential iPod/iBook/PowerBook Lawsuits

Jan 2 2004: California Bans PowerBooks/iBooks In Front Car Seats

Feb 5 2004: Apple & Unova settle patent issues over batteries/scanners

Feb 24 2004: Eminem sues Apple over use of song in commercial

March 10 2004: French sue Apple over iPod

March 12 2004: Apple sued because PowerMac G4 causes fire

March 19 2004: Apple Resellers renew lawsuit effort

April 22 2004: Apple among 31 others sued over use of JPEG compression

July 20 2004: BTG Sues Apple & Microsoft over software update process

September 21 2004: PowerLogix Seeks Damages From Competitors/Partners

October 6 2004: Apple & Others Sued Over LCD Display Patent by Honeywell

November 10 2004: French Court Dismisses Virgin Ent. Claim on iTunes/iPod DRM

December 6 2004: Apple sues over domain name

December 16 2004: Apple sues anonymous sources for leaking product information

December 21 2004: Apple sues BitTorrent P2P users for distributing MacOS 10.4

January 5 2005: Apple Sues Think Secret for product leaks

January 6 2005: Apple sued for unfair practices over iPod/iTunes link/DRM

March 1 2005: Former Apple Employee Sues For Wrongful Termination

March 7 2005: Hong Kong company sues Apple over iTunes Store web verification

March 15 2005: Apple wins lawsuit for cybersquatting w/ web domain

April 28 2005: Apple Sued By Distibutor Tiger Direct For Tiger Mac OS 10.4

May 21 2005: Lesbian Sues Apple For Racial & Sexual Orientation Discrimination

June 13 2005: Apple Sued Over iTunes Interface

August 26 2005: Apple iPod Settlement for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Gen Battery Problems

September 13 2005: Australian Apple Reseller Buzzle Claims Apple Responsible For Demise; Files Suit

November 4 2005: Apple sent cease & desist from Lugz shoe company over Eminem iTunes TV ad

December 5 2005: Apple Sues iOps Over iPod Mini Ripoffs

January 5 2006: Apple sues BURST.COM for media streaming patent invalidation

February 2 2006: Apple Sued For iPod causing Hearing Loss?

February 2 2006: Judges Says iPod/iTunes Monopoly Suit Can Move Forward

February 10 2006: AT&T Sues Apple over MPEG 4 Patent in Quicktime

May 8 2006: Apple Computer Wins Lawsuit Brought on By Beatles Apple Corps Records

May 15 2006: Creative Files Lawsuit Against Apple For iPod Patent

May 19 2006: Apple Files Countersuit Against Creative For Prior Art

June 6 2006: Apple files 2nd Lawsuit Against Creative/Requests Injunction

June 14 2006: Vermont Man Sues Apple Over iTunes "Click Song To Play" Patent

June 19 2006: Apple Sends iPodMyBaby.COM a cease & desist

August 23 2006: Apple Settles With Creative Over iPod Patent

August 28 2006: Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman Announces Class Action Against Apple Computer for stock options fraud

September 2006: Apple settles iTunes Interface Patent Suit

November14 2006: Apple Settles lawsuit Over ADC 17" LCD Problems In Australian Market

January 3 2007: Apple sued for iTunes for "digital platform" by Intertainer

January 5 2007: Lux Pro (maker of imitation iPod Shuffle) Sues Apple For Dominating Mp3 Market

January 11 2007: Cisco Sues Apple Over "iPhone" Name

January 16 2007: Apple Files Suit Against iPhone OS Skins/Themes Creators

January 23 2007: Apple Sued Over iPod Click Wheel Functionality

February 23 2007: Texas Mp3 Sues Apple Sandisk & samsung over patent for MP3s that was granted 10 Years AFTER MP3's became widely known

March 27 2007: Apple named w/ dozens of others in Bluetooth patent suit

April 23 2007: Apple sued over use of tabs in Mac OS 10.4 by Patent Squatting Firm

May 18 2007: Apple sued for Macbook screens being "grainy" & "sparkly"

July 4 2007: Apple sued for various copyright claims; iTunes Song Distribution/ Apple TV imagery

Sept 26 2007: Shareholder wins judge order to see Apple options records

Sept 27 2007: South carolina Prison Inmate Sues Apple For Making OJ Simpson A Hitman (True)

Sept 28 2007: Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates

Oct 2 2007: Suit claims Nike, Apple stole idea for Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

Oct 5 2007: Apple Sued For Bricking Unlocked iPhones

March 13 2008: Apple Sued By ZapMedia For iTunes Patent

Lawsuit Filed Against Apple For tIme Machine & iPod/iPhone Interface

Most lawsuits filed against Apple are decided in Apple's favor, settled, or dismissed before trial.

More complete details of Apple litigation can be found in the EDGAR online 10k reports Apple files with the SEC (look towards the bottom of each report):

Apple's 10k 2005 Report on Litigation

Apple's 10k 2006 Report on Litigation

Apple's 10k 2007 Report on Litigation


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