Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Apple Related Recalls & Safety Warnings

* UPDATED May 9 2008

This section features various product recalls, notices, and safety information, plus, information on customer complaints.

May 9 2008 Apple agrees to settlement for faulty iBook/PowerBook AC adapters

October 5 2007 Apple admits to aluminum iMac problems

November 6 2006 Apple extends PowerMac G5 Power Supply Replacement program

August 21 2006 Apple makes voluntary "high standards recall" on MacBook Pro batteries

July 26 2006: Silent Apple Recall on Macbook Pro Batteries

June 26 2006: Apple extends eMac repairs for video distortion issues

September 28 2005: Apple Recalls Some iPod Nanos (non issue)

August 19 2005: Apple Extends iMac G5 Repairs for Video Issues

May 20 2005: Apple Voluntarily Recalls some iBook and PowerBook batteries

February 23 2005: JBL recalls iPod Soundstage Speaker/Docks

September 27 2004: Apple extends repairs for LCD displays in aluminum PowerBooks

August 19 2004: Apple Recalls Some G4 PowerBook Batteries

March 3 2004: Apple acknowledges noise on Dual G5 machines

February 6, 2004: Apple responds to Safari Browser Update complaints

January 29 2004: Apple Repair Extension/Recall - Dual USB/White iBooks

February 1 2002: Information regarding PowerBook G3 Hinge Problems

November 2001: Information concerning PowerBook G4 paint flaking

July 6 2001: Apple recalls rectangular black PowerBook G3 AC adapters

Summer 2001:Apple informally recalls Graphite Base Station 1.0 models

Fall 1994: Problems w/ 68LC040 processors FPU emulation - freezes
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