Sunday, January 10, 2021

Thoughts on The Purge: Social Media & Parler

Thoughts on the Parler take down:

First, it should be addressed that social media shouldn’tve suspended any Trump account. This act alone has ignited a fire so hot that I anticipate (2) outcomes:

1) A loony far-right person to do something really stupid - like the December 2020 Nashville bomber or the crazier side of the capitol raid in January 2021.

2) A loony far-left group like Antifa to do or to stage something and blame it on “the whole right of center”

I don’t appreciate tech companies playing with shareholder sentiment. Everyone has free speech & that includes individuals at companies, but it should stop at the individual.

As for the Parler take down. I’m for it.

I’m for it being erased from the internet. I’m for not even being able to resolve as a domain.

Parler is an example of the overstepping of boundaries of free speech.  It is the shouting fire in theaters example.

Parler literally is/was hosting conversations with open KKK forums.

There are interesting conversations there but the majority is crazy, nonsensical contrails/Q conspiracy talk spattered with respectable people trying to “legitimize” an alternative outlet on social media.

Parler is a dangerous precedent. It’s the modern Larry Flynt argument. “No matter how perverse, it should be allowed.”

This is contrary to the Constitution & true liberty lovers know it. If you believe in the concept of liberty - you must keep your private matters - private. Private matters are not for public consumption.

We have a responsibility if we want to command respect from others - to patronize each other with dignity and for business to treat ALL of our fellow man with respect. Being a part of a forum that literally promotes everything from Nazism to contrails climate change origins is wrong. In your heart, you know it.
Don’t fall for the secular lie that “respect is earned”. Everyone, including your enemies, deserve respect & kindness in your temperament. EVERYone - has a natural right to peaceful interactions of protest with you in public (this includes the public square of the internet).

I’ve seen this quote from Game Of Thrones author George R. R. Martin being bandied on Twitter: 

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

To frame the argument by a more respectable author:

Matthew 18:8 says::
“Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.”
I’d rather have a voice in heaven than a voice on Parler.

The Parler removal has led to 1000s stating they are dumping Apple products. 

Know this, Samsung (and other Apple competitors spanning decades) are  LOVING - if not provoking - crap about Apple on social media right now. They always amplify bad news about Apple. ALWAYS. Please don’t be a pawn in a game of corporate espionage chess.

In the end, don’t throw away everything for Parler. In broader terms, don’t fall for manipulation by extremist right wing media outlets & their crazy staff or any online personality or “influencer” right, left, moderate, or otherwise,

 Read more. 
  Listen more.  
   Respect more. 

This will win the war. 
This is how to win The Purge. 
Now what night of the year is that on again?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Quick Commentary: Why Apple Won’t Drop The Lightning Port Anytime Soon.

I’ve seen lots of commentary over the past few years that Apple should (or is about to) drop the lightning port from the bottom of iPhones.

This speculation was furthered by Apple’s switch to USB-C on new iPad Pros (and in theory by means of Thunderbolt 3 on MacBooks).

The thing is, MacBooks & iPads don’t “transmit” CarPlay to car stereos. Higher end premium package cars are only recently coming with a wireless CarPlay option - even though wireless CarPlay has been available for several years now. Wireless CarPlay has also been available in aftermarket car head units for more than 3 years but the price has been prohibitive - exceeding $1000 for a quality installation.

Wired CarPlay is relatively inexpensive to implement and a  major selling feature for many cars sold nowadays. Wired CarPlay is a huge driver for sales of iPhones for Apple. After all, you have to have an iPhone to have CarPlay. 

I personally have an aftermarket Pioneer head unit replacement in my 2013 Scion iQ with wired CarPlay. I recently purchased a wireless dongle from a third party called “CPlay2Air”. This dongle tricks the head unit into thinking the iPhone is plugged in. The dongle was pricey though - $120. I don’t see Apple selling such an adapter. Wireless CarPlay doesn’t always provide the most seamless experience - even if it’s factory installed and on a fully updated head unit and iPhone. Wireless CarPlay requires more proactive updating and tech savvy than Apple likes to place on users. Wired CarPlay on the other hand, just works and has the added benefit of charging your phone through the lightning port.

As car sales are boosted by Apple having a charging port and Apple’s sales of iPhones are boosted by desires to have CarPlay, I doubt the lightning cable is going anywhere soon. I also doubt iPhones are going to make the switch to USB-C on both ends of the cable - maybe on either end as so many cars sold 2016 onward have standard USB 2.0 ports. Placing such a cable in the box as standard would only serve a narrow niche of the newest, more premium car buyers - and for that matter - home users and home or office computer setups. 

As an IT admin, I know that I wouldn’t want those in my office to have access to wireless passwords just to sync their phone. No matter how good the security of the iPhone is, a host of security concerns arise in data syncing a phone with contacts, personal data, and banking apps on it.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Lowes Doesn’t Know

Today I’m sharing a letter that had no resolution with Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.

I called once and was told I’d get a call back from the local store. No call. I shared with Lowe’s in private message on social media. I got the run around being told I would get a definite resolution three times over the course of 40 days. No response to address my concerns.

Dear Lowe’s,

During a recent sales promotion from March 16-19, 2020, your “Lowe’s Knows” ad campaign was really put to the test for me. 

For the past few months, I’ve been building up Lowe’s gift cards to use at an event that was being held nationwide March 17-19.

5% off any way you pay 

10% off for Lowe’s credit card holders.

A few weeks before the event, I started having paper flyers deposited into my Lowe’s shopping bags advertising said event. I frequent Lowe’s quite a bit and prefer Lowe’s over Home Depot.

Three weeks before the event, I went by the help desk at the Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia store to clarify the terms and conditions of this sale - that 1) it was an unlimited discount with no caps on amount of savings and 2) what exclusions applied. 

Oddly, the help desk knew nothing about the sale that was being advertised BY DEPOSITED FLYER in my bag. I showed them the flyer. The help desk associate went through a binder and read about the sale and clarified that I would be able to get 5% off any item in the store INCLUDING water heaters and also no limit on amount I could save. I asked, “If I spent $1000, I’d get $50 back?” Yes. If I spent $3000, I’d get $150 back?” Yes.

One other significant aspect of the sale terms I was told I had “to make sure you ask for the discount”, the flyer even indicated that the 5% / 10% wouldn’t be automatically deducted from my total.

I was told the main exclusion was custom orders. Example, if I had wire cut to length or paint mixed.

Due to complications of schedule adjusting due to the Corona Virus, I was unable to go to Lowe’s the first day of the sale on the 17th. On March 18, I went into the Fort Oglethorpe store at 9am and purchased $1500.00 worth of merchandise - covering 37 items. None of these items were custom - just standard off the shelf.

Over the course of the next two days I went to the Chattanooga Tennessee Lowe’s location and spent another $2300. None of the sales associates at this store knew of the sale either. I went to the management and they didn’t know. In fact, at this location they stated they had forgotten to advertise it and had placed flyers underneath each register but forgot to tell employees. 

During March 18-19 I had to go back and forth to Lowe’s quite a bit as my contractors, family, and myself needed items as we worked on the house:

The lack of knowledge about the sale got to be so maddening that I just skipped trying to get the discount and delayed buying some items.

As you know, lockdowns came into place and now I became stuck not completing my house projects in the accelerated (and discounted) timeframe I had originally planned.

All in all, I missed out on $78 in additional discounts because of this.

I had planned to purchase my entire raised garden build and supply with plants . Yesterday I went and got supplies in masks and gloves for $170. I had intended to spend over $300 on this project during the sale but I opted for a quicker, cheaper blue bucket container garden instead.

During this visit, I saw no employees with gloves, masks. All I saw was social distancing  marks and an intercom voice warned about social distancing, but that was it.

I’m very disappointed in Lowe’s and I’m hoping this letter finds the reader and management healthy and well. I also hope there is something you can do to restore confidence in my support of Lowe’s going forward.

Friday, February 14, 2020

A Valentine From God ...

Late in the summer of 1977, the United States launched two probes into space - Voyager 1 and 2. Their primary mission was to explore and photograph the outer planets in the solar system. 

Among thousands of beautiful pictures they took over decades of their journey- the most unique - was Voyager 1’s look back on the entirety of the solar system on February 14th 1990. 

In that photograph, the earth appeared as a tiny dot inside a ray of sunlight.

Renowned Astronomer and atheist Carl Sagan commented on the picture:

“Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.”

In fact, this picture is the opposite of loneliness. It is the opposite of darkness.  It is the opposite of insignificance. It’s the opposite of meaninglessness.

If ever there were a picture to sum up God’s love- this is it. The earth, bathed in and singled out by light. 

While earth may seem lonely in the dark of space in comparison - it is significant and meaningful beyond comprehension none the less. It’s importance as God’s creation is his greatest wonder - and - He put YOU here - as a sign of His love - specifically you. 

So, if Valentine’s Day makes you feel lonely or insignificant- remember - all of God’s creation - which includes beautiful and wonderfully made YOU - is singled out in His light - in His love. 

This photograph is His Valentine to you.

You are not lonely. 

You are God’s Valentine. Always.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Cash America Officially Takes Over America

Not reported anywhere I could find:

First Cash, Cash America, & U.S. Money Shops pawn shops all merged (or completed mergers) in late 2019.

If you buy from pawn shops this could have a huge effect on higher prices. This essentially gives Cash America a nationwide pawn shop monopoly.

Many independent pawn shops are going out of business due to local regulations - especially on gun sales. Nationalizing pawn shops - and thereby low cost loans and “untracked sales” I think has the same negatives as nationalizing banks has (and has had).

 If you’ve been inside a bank lately you’ll know what I mean.

You can’t even deposit cash into your own checking account without ID. Yeah, you heard that right. You can’t deposit cash at a bank as of November 2019 → many banks having implemented the policy before then.

I foresee that soon the fed or state governments will want “monitoring” of loans from pawn shops to be on “official record”. Pawn Shops already supply law enforcement with monthly serial number and description databases for burglary recovery.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Ruse Of Skywalker or How toxic fans almost ruined the prequels and then tried to ruin the sequels to Star Wars.

The following is a review and discussion of Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker. There is somewhat of spoiler talk although reading this may help you understand the plot better and may actually help you enjoy the plot more.

I hate critics because this was a decent story.If you pay attention, it fits together much better than the haters are saying.

I’ve gleaned these details below having thoroughly studied the plots of all the movies - tying them to the story arc of The Rise Of Skywalker.

Was the Emperor actually Darth Plagueis? Did the dark side take over Palpatine and turn him from Plagueis to Sidious? In Revenge Of The Sith was he referring to killing himself?

Was Snoke actually a clone of Anakin made from Vader’s DNA inside Vader’s “haunted helmet” and did the Emperor fuse even more with his helmet in Return Of The Jedi and this is what killed him? Was Palpatine feeding off Anakin the entire time and took even more life force from Vader when he tried to save Luke?

The Rise Of Skywalker (for the time allotted) did a good job of exposition on this while leaving some mystery. In the prequels there was a lot of mystery around Palpatine - indicating that he was an ancient being and not just some dark side person from Naboo.

Look at these words to get an idea of my theory about Plagueis & Sidious being the same person. Also remember that Lucas had Obi Wan say to Luke “Vader betrayed & murdered your father.” Did Sidious betray & murder Plagueis by spreading the viral dark side through his midichlorians?

Sidious was so obsessed with power that maybe he had to go further down the dark path by essentially killing himself and THIS is what he’s referring to in the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis story he relays to Anakin at the opera.. 

Palpatine: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? 

Anakin: No?

Palpatine: I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. 

Anakin: He could actually save people from death?

Palpatine: The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. 

Anakin: What happened to him?

Palpatine: He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

Anakin: Is it possible to learn this power?

Palpatine: Not from a Jedi.

Rey (as a Palpatine) - possibly being a ¾ midichlorian manipulation birth (Anakin was ½) was the appropriate person to kill Palpatine but THEN claim her birthright as full oneness with the force by claiming the Skywalker name. Going from ½ force to ¾ force to wholeness or 1 or finally balance to the force. Are you following?

THIS would explain Rey’s extraordinary force abilities & being able to just pick up on the force - just as young Anakin did with no Jedi and no force training before meeting Obi Wan & Quigon.

This would also explain how she is able to defeat such a strong force user as Kylo Ren.

‪So, if you pay attention - the point of the Skywalker saga is bringing balance to the force. Palpatine/ Plagueis put the force into an imbalance - claiming to be a Skywalker brings that balance.‬


Other thoughts ...

‪Rey is the balance to the force. Technically that’s what the Skywalkers were chosen to create. When Yoda said, “there is another” he was seeing Leia but not seeing the complete vision.‬ And then Rey claims the Skywalker name.

Although probably the worst scene in any Star Wars movie to date - Mary Poppins Leia from The Last Jedi - it does show how Leia used a protection bubble around her to survive a major accident. Did Palpatine use a similar protection when Vader threw him down the energy shaft in Return Of The Jedi?

Friday, September 27, 2019

How have I missed out on this? or How do I remove a DLL file from startup?

So, I've been a\having a problem with my laptop for a few months where it comes up on startup with a message about there being an error starting an ink level check in an older HP 8600 Officejet printer that I have.

I finally had a tiny bit of free time on my hands and found a program from Microsoft to solve this specific issue.

Called AUTORUNS … it analyzes all the processes of your Windows Operating system and tells you which ones have conflicts and can therefore be removed. Not only saving hassle of seeing error messages but also saving space.

This program also eliminates the potential risks of messing around with REGEDIT.- although usually I know what I'm doing.And, no matter how deep you dig in Windows directories, you're bound to miss some piece of a file ~ somewhere.