Thursday, July 07, 2016

Who's on soup?

Here's a funny story from my journal on this day July 7, 2006 ...

So I go with [a friend] to Four Chefs restaurant tonight ...

I love all of the food there; particularly their soups. I have to order a cup, no matter what kind they're serving. The menu says 

"Soup Du Jour $1.99 cup / $3.49 bowl"

A new, first hour on the job waitress comes up to our table and I order a French Dip sandwich and ask ... 

"What is your soup for today?"

Waitress: "Soup Du Jour"

Me: "I know, but what is it?"

Waitress: "Soup Du Jour, it's really good."

Me: "I LOVE your soups but what kind of soup is served today?"

Waitress: "It's called soup du jour it's like a creamy corn chowder"

Me: "Ah, ok, it's corn chowder."

Waitress: "Well, they call it soup du jour here. I always called it corn chowder. My grandma used to make the best."

(I gave up at this point trying to argue or understand)

We laughed at the table for a bit.

One of the chefs came out with our soup ... 

Chef: "Here's your soup of the day, it's chicken corn chowder. I'm sorry, but you were our new waitress's first customer and I guess I just assumed she knew that we changed our soup of the day."

Me: "We were like who's on first there for a while - I felt like Costello saying, "I know it's soup du jour Abbott, but what kind is it?"

I left her a cash tip of 25% 

In the field on the credit card receipt I put 

"     See your cash 
___du jour on table___"

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

"You can't say that you don't either."

This is the side of Jim Henson that few knew ...

Love these Wilkins Coffee commercials:

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to contact MyPoints by phone

If you are unable to contact MyPoints or by their webform, and I mean really unable to, and I mean, you've tried everything you can, using every resource you can, you can try this number listed below. 

It's a toll free number where you will be forced to leave a message. You may get a call back, you may not, but at least as of 12-29-2015, this was the ONLY valid phone number …


2015 Movies ...

By far my #1 ...

1) Inside Out - this is a deep, funny, well written movie that is already at the top of Disney classics for me.

2) Star Wars: The Force Awakens ... A new chapter in the Star Wars series is a good thing.

3) James Bond: Spectre ... The last Daniel Craig movie paid homage to all the Bond movies before it and ended up being one of the best. (I'm a Roger Moore as best Bond type)

4) Jurassic World. Not better than the original, but if it had come out first, it'd be the best in the series.

Honorable Mention:

5) The Martian. Well done movie. A little tired on concept though.

6) H8FUL 8 ... Very well directed set piece with memorable characters

7) Mission Impossible. Another good addition to the series. It's truly amazing that Tom Cruise still does a lot of his own stunt work.

8) The Peanuts Movie. I mean, yes, I liked it, but seemed like it'd have been an awesome TV show, but read the budget was $100 million due to writing new software to animate the characters. I expect we'll see a lot more very soon.

9) Ant-Man. I thought this looked stupid in preview. It was actually very entertaining.

So-so ...

Trainwreck. I liked it. It was funny. It just upsets me that comedies since Wedding Crashers (which I love) seemed to have taken the "what is the grossest most unethical off color offensive thing we can do?" approach 

Furious 7. Entertaining, but this series has become a "top this" stunt show rather than a well written movie franchise.

50 Shades Of Grey. This was a poorly written book that I read simply because it was an eBook phenomenon (thanks to a forum post by JK Rowling of all people.) The movie was better because the wording wasn't there to describe everything. One of those rare moments when the movie was better than the book, only problem - book wasn't so great.

Bombs that I saw ...

Avengers: Age of Ultron. I had high hopes for this with Spader voicing the villain Ultron. I guess it's just the fact that I'm not a Marvel Comics guy.

Minions. Funny in places, but didn't translate as well as anticipated.

Poltergeist. Didn't even come close to the original.

Tomorrowland. Good concept. Interesting twist. Just boring. Seemed like they could have done more.

Pan. Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors, but I have to say, this movie was beyond weird and very poorly written. I didn't care for any of the characters. Instead of original lyrics, they used Nirvana songs - yeah, really.

Vacation. This movie was downright gross and unfunny. The funny parts; seemed awkward to laugh at. One of those, "glad I saw it alone" movies.

I didn't watch nearly as many Indie films as I did last year.

There's lots of movies I didn't see in 2015 that I want to catch on video.

What are yours?