Friday, November 21, 2014

Stephen King's "Revival": Revived My Interest In King

I just finished reading "Revival" by Stephen King.

I loved it. Best King Novel since "The Stand". 

I'm a big fan of King - not for the horror - but for the uniqueness of his stories. His character focus is unparalleled. That's one reason most King movies are so great ... The directors already know the characters perfectly - the casting already knows exactly who will be the best to play each role.

I personally couldn't stomach some of the imagery in "It" - yet it made a great TV miniseries - because some plot elements could be modified just enough not to change the story.

I look forward to seeing "Revival" turned into a movie or miniseries. It has some of the most terrifying but palatable imagery King has put into a novel since "The Shining" and some of the best character development in such a quick manner as "Shawshank Redemption". 

Even if you're not a King fan, you'll love this thought provoking book about the dark side of religious fanaticism and the consequences of the soul for cursing God.

Excellent Book!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Interstellar - Uninteresting

Went to see Interstellar last night ...

I was really let down.

This isn't the typical Christopher Nolan - have you thinking - kind of film.

Nolan, who co-wrote and directed the newest Batman films, The Prestige, and Inception - totally loses focus in this boring, borrowed plot. There's nothing original about the script. The movie drags on.

I don't typically give away plot elements to movies, but you need to know this one part to solidify that you don't want to see this movie. 

The movie is clearly set in the not too distant future, but obviously technology has advanced reasonably far. Robots have developed AI. Well, the robots are ridiculous. I mean silly. So outrageously ridiculous that it's almost comical. They are literally walking, talking 7 foot tall black bricks. The effect is mind numbing and laughable. You can't stop thinking - is that a guy inside a black spray painted refrigerator box?

The plot is weak and has real science  mishmashed among the cool mumbles of McConaughey to keep your attention but it only serves to  confuse you as you turn your ear to the screen.

There's really no dazzling visuals to see yet the effects budget is clearly high.

Do not waste your 2½ hours to see this.

If I wasn't in great company - I would probably have taken some time to get in a nap - Matthew McConaughey's voice just does that to me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Phone Call Recording Reference On FYT Gets Major Update

The phone call recording reference on Fix Your Thinking has helped thousands. It is THE SOURCE for all laws, scenarios, and discussion for recording phone calls.

Please take the time to check it out AND KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unsubscribing Subscribes You

Just posted this on a Facebook friend's status update about unsubscribing from junk emails ...

Do NOT use the unsubscribe on junk emails unless you know they are a reputable company.

Unsubscribing indicates you read it and signals them to put you on different lists.

Instead, just delete them by marking them as spam.

If you're a little advanced, you can filter emails to go straight to your junk email box ... For instance "Cialis" or "Mortgage enhancement offer" <~ words neither of which the average friend or relative is going to send you in email .

DO check your junk email folder once a month to make sure you're getting all your emails. I send emails from my personal domains - outlook sees these as spammy addresses.